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Frequently Asked Questions

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The choice of studying abroad varies depending on your personal profile, financial situation and educational goals. To determine the most suitable country for you, you can get free consultancy service from our Endless Abroad overseas education consultants. Our professional staff is ready to understand your needs and offer you the most accurate and unique country choice. We are here to guide you through the study abroad process and help you make the right decision.

You need to consider important factors when choosing a university abroad . Here are some tips for you:

  • Education Quality and Departments You Are Interested in: Search for universities that provide quality education in your target field. Evaluate factors such as the content of the programs, academic staff, and research opportunities.
  • Job Opportunities: The job opportunities and career support the university provides to its graduates are of great importance. Research topics such as graduates' employment rates, internship opportunities, and connections with the business world.
  • Country Selection: Consider factors such as living conditions, cultural diversity, language requirements and work permits in the country where you will study. It is important to choose a country that suits you.
  • Budget: Studying abroad can be costly, so review your budget. Consider issues such as tuition fees, living costs, scholarship opportunities and work permits.
  • Application Process: Understand the application requirements and processes of universities well. Follow details such as application dates, required documents, language exams.
  • Expert Consultancy: It is important to get support from an expert consultant in choosing a university abroad. They will give you the right directions and guide you through the application process.

We can assist you in this process as Endless Abroad professional consultancy firm. Our students can get support from the nearest Endless Abroad overseas education consultancy offices and our expert staff to choose a university abroad.

Yes, when your language education is completed, you will receive an approved and internationally valid certificate of achievement and course completion. This certificate is issued by the official institutions of the country where you study abroad.

When choosing a language school abroad , students should choose the country and city, taking into account the period they want to study. They should also review their visa procedures and financial situation. It is also recommended for students to get support from an expert educational consultant.

There are some points you should pay attention to when choosing a language school abroad. Here are some of them:

  • Determine the duration of education: When deciding which language school you want to attend, you should determine how long you want to study. You can choose your country and city by taking this period into consideration.
  • Research visa procedures: When choosing a language school abroad, you should learn the visa procedures of the country you target. You should have information about the documents and process required to obtain a visa.
  • Consider your financial situation: Language school education can be expensive, so you should consider your financial situation. You should plan your budget by considering factors such as tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses.
  • Get support from expert consultants: When choosing a language school abroad, it will help you to get support from an expert education consultant. Consultants can help you make decisions and manage the process more easily by providing you with accurate information.

Our students can choose work and study programs where they can have a legal work permit while studying language abroad . These programs are valid in Ireland , Malta , Dubai , Australia and New Zealand . Our students, who receive language education in Ireland for a minimum of 25 weeks, obtain a work permit of 20 hours per week and the opportunity to stay in the country for an additional two months and work full-time at the end of their education. Our students who study language in Malta for more than 90 days may have a legal work permit for 20 hours per week. In Australia and New Zealand, our students who study language for more than 90 days may have a legal work permit for 20 hours per week. You can get free support from Endless Abroad overseas education consultancy service to choose the most suitable country.

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